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Wet Logmaker
Recycled Wet Logmaker

AT LAST!! An alternative to the WET Briquette Maker to make WET LOGS.

Customers requested a new Wet version to make logs and after many
months of design and manufacture the WET & DRY Logmaker has arrived.

Designed to produce Wet or Dry Logs out of any burnable waste
(Newspaper, Cardboard, Leaves, etc, etc). Quick and easy to produce, to
use immediately if Dry or to Dry out if Wet.
Versatile, to produce 'open' Wet Logs or encased in a paper wrapping to
keep it together or made from whole newspapers to give a very dense
long burning Large or Mini Log or the original Dry logs.
A complete revolution in Wet & Dry Log production!

The Wet and Dry Logmaker comes in a kit comprising a newly designed
Tube, Plunger, Tray and Standoff and can be used for Wet and Dry
Comes complete with pictorial instruction pamphlet.

Also available is a Wet and Dry Logmaker made from 100% recycled plastic (white Logmaker, left).

The perfect present for the Eco person who wants to help the
environment, reduce deforestation, reduce Greenhouse Gases and save
money on their fuel costs.

Maximise your Fuel Log production with the new Wet & Dry Logmaker and
create a denser, longer burning fuel log of any burnable waste.

Happy Log making!

Different types of wet log
Production of a wet log

Production of a wet log

Left to right: Wet log, mixed waste; encased wet mixed waste log; Mini newspaper roll logs; Large newspaper roll log.

The Original Dry Logmakers

Original Dry Logmaker

The Original Dry Logmaker quickly and easily turns your household and garden waste
into free fuel for your open fire, wood burning stove, chiminea, barbecue or camp fire.

Produce compact newspaper encased ‘logs’ in minutes and burn them straight away.
(The ‘logs’ will burn for between 10 minutes and 1 hour depending on the contents.)

It’s compact and lightweight too - just 37cm tall by 9cm in diameter and it weighs
less than 500 grams making it easy to store or take away with you.

The Recycled Logmaker is the greenest, most environmentally conscious Dry Logmaker on the planet!
The 100% recycled plastic Logmaker works in exactly the same way as the original Logmaker and is sold with full, illustrated instructions and a lifetime guarantee.

Made with recycled plastic from the local authority.

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Original Dry Recycled Logmaker