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The Logmaker Story
Arthur Howell

Welcome to The Logmaker website.
The Logmaker began about 10 years ago. I had a wood burning stove back then, a Benjamin Franklin design.  I cut my own wood for it and soon started thinking about what other materials I could burn in it twigs, leaves, sawdust etc. But, as any wood burning stove owner knows, you cant put sawdust on a fire without smothering it and if you put screwed up paper on it just goes up in flames straight away.  So I started to think about HOW I could effectively burn other materials.

It took a lot of trial and error before I came up with the Logmaker.  Many frustrating evenings were spent with different types of tubes, plastics, plungers and wrappings.  Eventually, I saw that the best process was to pack materials into a tube. But what size, what material and how to get it out again!  Now you begin to understand why it was 10 years in the making!

I happened upon a tube within a tube, which required some re-engineering but the final key was using newspaper wrapped around the tube at the correct length with the ends creating a seal, which would hold the materials inside. And so the logmaker was born.

I decided to try and sell a few, never imagining that the demand would be so great. Within 6 months I was being asked to produce 50 a month and the demand just keeps growing and growing.

The Logmaker is now an established, environmentally friendly product bought by open fire enthusiasts and recyclers alike and even used in schools as part of ecological projects. The real beauty I think is its simplicity and the fact that its easy to use and makes recycling a lot of fun, plus it saves money on fuel. It pleases me that the logmaker is helping to reduce land fill and deforestation and enabling people to put their burnable waste to good use.

Arthur Howell

Inventor of the Logmaker